About Us


The ISL is a non-profit organization which is based in Ferndale, Johannesburg. It is run by a Board of five (5) directors, with one Board member playing the role of Chairperson and another playing the role of Operations Manager. The ISL will advertise positions once funding has been secured. The aim is to have a lean staff complement in Johannesburg and work in other provinces through partnerships with Universities in the various provinces.


The ISL is non-profit organization and is probably the only one in the country which focuses mainly on the interface between communities who are served and the Legislatures who provide law making and oversight. We recognise that differentiation is continuous in nature. What makes us unique today is what new and existing competitors will copy from us tomorrow. The ISL is different today, because it has:

• In-house solutions that are inspired by global trends.
• A strong and integrated service focus rather than an isolated product focus;
• Our group of thinkers and professionals are specialists and leaders in their areas of focus;
• We do not outsource assignments.


The ISL Core Business

On a general scale, The ISL facilitates Public Participation in the Legislatures.


The ISL Core Business

Has capacity for Policy Drafting, Monitoring and Evaluation.


The ISL Core Business

Is developing capacity to do Training in partnership with Universities.