Services Vs. Products

Services Vs. Products

In short, our view of what makes a product focussed organization different from a service focused organisation is that:

• A product-focussed organization has a singular strategy directly related to the product. The product can only be sold once and the end user will own the rights and title to the product i.e. a map book; and
• A services organisation is product independent, owns the rights to a core operating system / solutions offering. The use of the core operating system is duplicated across barriers of industry, sold to customers looking for a unique solution in a specific package. The core system / solution offering is replicated to many customers, with minimal change to the architecture of the core operating tool. The end user seldom owns the rights to the solution source code.

• The ISL combines elements of both product and service organisation, but is of course, a service organisation.

The ISL employs the core skills to develop and maintain all knowledge-based applications required in providing a broad range of services relevant to Legislatures. Keeping development in-house holds the following benefits:

• Lower overheads, lower cost-to-market;
• Quicker turn-around times;
• Focussed delivery and client interaction;
• Builds a specialist focus; and
• Enhances trust relationships.

When developing for people-centred yet security conscious organisations such as Legislatures, a trust-relationship is of utmost importance. Keeping development in-house reduces the risk of third party trust infringement.

Competitive Advantage

The ISL views the following as competitive advantage:

• We are a small team, keeping overhead expenditure to the minimum. The ISL is a community-based ‘educator’ which seeks to enrich citizens experience of democracy;
• We use the technology infrastructure to replace the traditional on-site roll-out and distribution activities and network;
• We are focused on keeping the customer satisfied including all aspects relating to cost, solution support and technology;
• Training and assistance is available;
• Our pricing is based on actual professional time spent, the nature and timing of the solution required, consulting, implementation and roll-out and support; and
• The ISL can also earn monthly revenue through end user assistance by the customer.

The ISL's Solution

• Assist Legislatures to mainstream Public Participation and make it everyone’s business; and
• Be available to communities, for education and consultation throughout the journey of public participation.